Signing In to Communicator Web Access

Pop-up Blocker

If you are using a pop-up blocker, you must either disable it or allow pop-ups for this sitein order to sign in.

Computer Type

If you are connecting remotely to Communicator Web Access, you must specify one of two computer type options, depending upon the type of remote location:

Signing In

To sign in, type your user account name, for example, If you are unsure of your account name, contact your administrator.


Depending on the browser you are using and whether you are signing on from your internal network or from the Internet, you might need to enter the name of the domain to which you belong and your domain username. If so, next to Domain\username, type the domain and username you use to log in to the network.

Sign In

Next to Sign In, type the name that was assigned to you by your system administrator to use for instant messaging. Your sign-in name will typically be in the form


Click the language you want to use from the list.

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